Featured Destinations

“Featured Destinations” is a list of pet businesses specially curated by PetMate which we offer an exclusive ride fare to and from their locations. These featured destinations include pet stores, groomers, daycare, boarding, hotels, vet clinics, etc.
For customers traveling to or from these locations, PetMate offers a flat rate per trip for bookings placed one day in advance. There is no restriction on distance travelled for “featured destinations” bookings.

How to place a “Featured Destination” booking?

1. Click the paw-shaped menu button on the top left corner of PetMate app.
2. Click on “Featured Destinations”
3. Find or search for the location
4. Click on “Get A Ride” button at the bottom of the location page
5. Click “To” for a trip to the location or “Home” for a trip from the location
6. Place your booking accordingly and pay with your credit card